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Decorating Your Outdoor Space

You came up with the idea of redecorating your deck or patio. Or, maybe you are about to open your backyard to the pleasures of summer for the first time. New decorative features have emerged in the last few years. Allow us to present you a few.

It is referred to as Yakisugi. It is wood, usually cedar or larch, that has been purposely burnt, which gives it a darker colour, often with different hues. Its surface is smooth and shiny, almost like glass. Its black colour varies from greyish-black to the blackest of blacks. Luckily, it appears that black is the new decorative trend for recreational spaces.

The Yakisugi is not only restricted to exterior siding. We have seen fences, plant pots, furniture, countertops made of Yakisugi as well. Incidentally, you could add some black accessories to your decor to echo the colour of Yakisugi, such as black rattan, a Victorian lamp post or forged iron. Throw in other colours like silver, gold, and ivory and you will give your deck an upscale look.

In addition to its unique style, the Yakisugi is highly ecological. As it burns, a protective film builds on the wood to protect it for Lord knows how long! The Yakisugi is a durable material and requires no maintenance at all. It is free of any chemicals. It is resistant to insects and UV rays and it does not rot.

A new style is emerging on our decks: the Eco-chic look. Footstools and natural fibre rugs are the current trends: jute, sisal, coir, seagrass, linen and wool. Wicker and bamboo furniture and picket fences are just as popular. In no time, you can give your deck a rustic look, a bohemian touch and maybe even an exotic flair.

Perhaps you could experiment with ecological materials outdoors if you are hesitant to use them indoors.

Does Corten steel ring a bell to you? It is a type of steel that contains a good amount of copper, which gives it a rusty copper appearance. The effect is stunning. It looks like furniture that has been scoured for a weathered look. With a little imagination, Corten steel can blend easily into almost any decor.


Just arrived: fibreglass flooring. Its surface is slip resistant and just as Corten steel, its fibre is weather resistant. It looks beautiful.

Absolutely everything is fashionable when designing outdoor recreational spaces: sleeper walls, swing chairs, umbrellas, heat lamps, privacy screens, windscreens, lights, chairs, and armchairs. Designers are bubbling with new ideas and these ideas emerge on the market year after year. Take a moment to shop around in retail stores, renovation and garden centres, and you will be sure to enjoy a relaxing summer.

Images of burnt wood: We would like to thank Daniel of Arbre et bois for giving us the authorization to use the image of charred wood.


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