Decorating a Teenager’s Bedroom

Teenagers might say they know how to decorate their bedroom, but most of the time, they’re unsure. Other times, they just don’t know. And watch out if you even dare suggest something! Parents say they know how their teenagers want to decorate their bedroom, but usually, it’s according to their own taste. So, how should you go about it?

The heart of adolescence, when teenagers seek to forge their own identity, happens roughly between 10 and 16 years old. For some, it’s sooner. For others, it’s later.[1]

We were all born with our own personality. And what a delight to create an environment that reflects our character! That is one of the joys of decorating. This is especially true when decorating a bedroom because it is a more personal room.

Does the style or colours that your teenager chose stand out from the rest of the home? It doesn’t matter. On the contrary! Instead of criticizing his/her choices, take a leading role. Offer your collaboration and help him/her to explore all the decorating wonders. Let him/her choose their colours, materials, furniture, accessories, design, even if the final product is not necessarily pleasing to the eyes. Is it in bad taste? Tell yourself that it’s only temporary.


You’ll notice right away the advantages of having this attitude towards your teenager. He/she will work much harder during the school year because he/she will be in a stimulating environment. The simple fact of decorating his/her own bedroom all alone will improve his/her self-confidence. You’ll benefit from this as well since exploring the world of decoration with your teen will allow you to spend quality time together.

Apart from the three fundamental limitations: the family budget, safety and cleanness, everything is negotiable. Does your teenager want to paint his/her bedroom in red, from top to bottom? Try to point out the long-term consequences and provide references to support your argument, and then let him/her decide. If he/she regrets his/her choice after all, it’s not a big deal. You’ll just have to repaint the room.


The basic guidelines in terms of decorating can serve as a benchmark for teenagers wishing to decorate their own bedroom. Here are a few:

  • Colour and lighting are the best vehicles of expression and visual impact;
  • The lighter the colour on the walls, the larger the room feels;
  • A visual effect, A.K.A. a faux-finish, can accomplish great things;
  • More than any other look, the vintage style offers so many possibilities, and for less;
  • A small detail can sometimes change a room’s appearance if its design is eccentric: cushion, footstool, lamp, a horizontal or vertical wallpaper panel.

Is your teenager passionate about Japanese culture? A privacy screen, a bedspread, a poster and a lamp of Japanese inspiration will do.

Today’s teens are the first generation in history to have grown up in the digital era from the moment they were born. Consequently, they don’t shy away from a graphic or pixelated wall because it’s part of their daily life.

Don’t be surprised if your teen comes back home with wood pallets from a construction site or another abandoned object. It’s far from being glamorous, but today’s youth is very aware of ecological issues. Recycling and recuperation are more than just cool, they have become a virtue. As long as you clean the materials before you bring them inside the home, you’ll avoid calling an exterminator.


Here’s a tip: why don’t you tell your teen that you’ll go with him/her to look at the latest wallpaper designs? He/she might think it’s cool rather than outdated!



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