Redoing the children’s bedroom

Here’s a checklist to make the job easier if you decide to redo your children’s bedroom.

Using a seagrass floor covering is an excellent decision. However, it’s recommended that you have it installed by a professional. Since it is a natural material, it can be difficult to make the joints. The product tends to fray.

Don’t forget that certain natural fibres used for floor covering, such as cork and rubber, must be placed in the room 24 to 48 hours before installation to acclimatize them to the ambient air.

Cork is not the only effective soundproofing product, sand between the joists also does the trick. It has the advantage of being inexpensive. Talk to a renovation expert.

Any handyman can install cork, as long as the surface is level.

Vinyl costs less and is more flexible than linoleum, but it’s also less resistant. And a material’s resistance is extremely important in a child’s bedroom.

If you are impatient and not very meticulous, you may not want to take on wallpaper. You will regret it. You have to wash the walls and woodwork with a stripper before applying the wallpaper.

Do you want to place a narrow frieze of wallpaper around your child’s room? Keep in mind that the width of the band is directly proportional to the height of the room.

A shelving unit that covers an entire wall is the perfect solution for storing toys and everything that the child may accumulate while growing up. You won’t have to change it every year either.

Make sure that the shelves and bookcases are mounted to the wall to prevent accidents. The lighting should be far from flammable materials.

A coat hook is ideal to encourage children to hang up their clothes. If it has a shelf, they can put their shoes on it.

Need more space? There are work tables on wheels (and even mattresses) that you can slip under an elevated bed. If the child is a teenager, build a mezzanine for the bed, if the height of the room allows for it of course.