How To Create the Perfect Home Yoga Room

During the day, we often need to take some time to exercise, relax and focus. Yoga is an easy way to move your body and meditate. It is also a sport that can easily be practiced at home. Would you like to create your own yoga space?

Although yoga requires very little equipment, the environment in which it is practiced is important. In fact, it plays a key role! Here are some ideas to help you set up a space for yoga that will make your sessions more effective.



Besides a yoga mat, which is an obvious item for a room dedicated to this practice, cushions can also be helpful. In Asia, yoga is traditionally practiced on cushions called Zafu, which help improve sitting posture. You should also consider getting blocks, which will allow you to take your exercises a little further. A mirror can be very useful for self-assessment and making sure you maintain the right postures.


Not all of us are lucky enough to have a room entirely dedicated to exercise. Some homeowners can enjoy a large, bright, window-filled area, while others have a small, dedicated space in the basement. But don’t fret! What’s important is that you have enough space to move your arms and legs freely, and that you are able to breathe without feeling suffocated. Try to choose a space near a window – even if it’s a small one! – so you can look outside during the Sun Salutation routine. Furthermore, natural light has many benefits, especially on our mood. This is also an advantage during yoga: you will feel more connected to your environment, especially if you have a view of nature.


There is no need to have an entire room dedicated to yoga. You could practice it in the living room, in the basement or in your bedroom, just be sure to have adequate storage for your equipment. If everything is stored in chest or a nice basket, your room decor will not be affected.


Minimalist Decor

In order not to overload the space, when you think decor, think “Zen”. It must be inspiring and soothing for the mind. Install colorful carpets, hanging plants and a few minimalist and simple objects. When it comes to accessories, add items that can be found in nature, such as crystals, pebbles, or pieces of wood. And when it comes to plants, you can never have too many!

Pleasant Lighting

Don’t forget about lighting. While natural light is always welcome, in the evening, discreet lighting is important. For an even more relaxing yoga session, a dimmer can be installed on your light switch so you can practice this sport in a soft and cozy atmosphere.

Sounds and Fragrances

If you are the type to be distracted by everything you hear, install  a small speaker that will play inspiring and discreet sounds. An essential oil diffuser can also enhance the experience.

We hope to have inspired you. Namaste!