Bathe in pure water

For the last thirty years, our European friends have been perfecting their knowledge in terms of natural residential pools and ponds. Their expertise is crossing the oceans.

Photo: Bioteich. All rights reserved.

You’re probably telling yourself that you don’t need experts to create a natural pool. All you have to do is dig a basin surrounded with rocks and a few aquatic plants to filter the water. A pump collects the pure water and sends it to the main basin and it’s done.

It’s not that easy.

Experts that offer patented products like Bioteich of Switzerland and BioNova of France can guide you in terms of the required area, the topography of your site, the necessary fences, security, position of the sun, choice of rocks and vegetation, etc. You will also have to look into your municipal regulations.

You also have to plan for the amount you want to invest in your project to avoid disappointment. To give you an idea, Bioteich expert at Piscine Trévi, tells us that this type of pool costs a minimum of $60,000.

Mr. Brunier points out that a team of biologists has determined the appropriate types of rocks and vegetation for each residential zone where their products are offered.

“The more time passes, the more the vegetation is mature and the water is clearer. No need to test or change the water,” says Mr. Brunier. Aquatic plants, the sun, the rocks, minimum maintenance and a good installation guarantee pure water for years.

Photo: Bioteich. All rights reserved.

You have to provide for land almost one and a half times the area of the swimming pool to benefit from natural filtration. The good news: this additional zone is an aquatic garden that blends with your swimming pool. This lets you profit from a nice view and a pleasant ambiance throughout the year.

Worried about mosquitoes? “Since the water is constantly moving, mosquitos’ eggs won’t survive in your water,” Mr. Brunier assures us.

Bioteich has about thirty years of experience and BioNova has twenty. These two companies offer products and expertise based on the research and work of experts, such as biologists. In Quebec, Bioteich is available at Trevi and BioNova at Topia.

In their article Risques d’affections allergiques associés aux produits de chloration en piscine, Catherine Voisin and Alfred Bernard, researchers at Louvain University in Belgium point out that we have to be careful with bathing water.

There’s nothing to fear from natural pools. No chemicals are used, which means no read eyes, no respiratory tract irritation and no ruined bathing suit.