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Yearning for A Luxurious Home? Here Are 5 Affordable Ideas!

It is possible to add opulence and refinement to your home, without breaking the bank.  Sometimes, making small, simple changes here and there can make all the difference.

Here are some ideas to help you make your property look chicer without leaving you high and dry!


1- Create Luxury Areas

This idea works particularly well in the living room and in the entrance! All you need to do is add chic accessories without worrying about redecorating the entire room. This way, you won’t need to spend much. For example, put a nice tray on your living room table and/or the entrance console. Decorate it with beautiful books or exquisite, high quality decorative objects, such as a candle or flowers. You can also create a resting area using an armchair and high-end cushions.

2- Replace Certain Items by Their Chicer Version

For example, quality bedding and towels will make you think of a five-star hotel. Bonus points when opting for pure white! Spoil yourself with a high-end candle or room fragrance, instead of using cheap versions. You can also add a fancy light fixture that will steal the show and give a whole new atmosphere to the room. Use your nicest dishes and cutlery. These slight changes will create a more refined atmosphere, guaranteed.

3- Replace Faucets and Handles

In the kitchen and bathrooms, modernize the faucets with matte black or brass which will instantly create a more sophisticated style. You can also replace the cupboard and drawer handles for more modern ones: an affordable change that will have a strong impact. Dare to choose a different type of finish than the faucets for a trendy and contrasting look.


4- Add Traditional Style Woodwork and Moldings

Woodwork and moldings provide houses with a warmer and chicer look. It isn’t surprising that high-end homes often have them! These wood finishes are also timeless because of their classic and traditional style.

5- Install A Gallery Wall

Have you noticed that many luxury homes sport a gallery wall? In addition to being a perfect place to display your favorite photos, this focal point adds a luxurious touch in all types of decor. For a modern effect, choose tone-on-tone frames, for example, very pale wood on a white wall. For a traditional style, you can vary the composition of the frames, as well as their materials. You can even add a beautiful ornamental mirror! Your gallery wall will look great in the living room, in the stairs or even in the hallway.

Have these 5 affordable ideas inspired you?