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World Architecture: 10 Houses in Belgium That Are Out of The Ordinary

All over the world, the architecture of buildings is unique to its country or culture. It’s interesting to discover the differences from coast to coast! Belgium is particularly beautiful with its eclectic architectural landscapes.

In addition, in different districts, some homes and public buildings are truly out of the ordinary. Here are some houses worth admiring!


Multiple Levels

This single-family home is both sumptuous and intriguing. On the right, its roof draws a point while on the left, it is flat. The light shaft, skylight and other windows of different shapes add a great deal of vibrance.


White and Romantic

This townhouse has nothing in common with its classic-style neighbors made of red brick. Its façade contrasts beautifully thanks to the dark grey bricks. Despite its originality, the property is very attractive: it almost feels as though it is inhabited by royalty due to its castle-like appearance.


Yellow Steals the Show

This building, with its atypical architecture, contrasts with other houses in the district. We can easily imagine it serving as a post office, recreation centre or donation centre. The dapper yellow front with its circular opening is what makes it so special.


Futuristic Desire

The architect wanted curves to be in the spotlight for this building. It might even give the impression of being something other than a residential building due to its semblance of a space observatory or a large-scale sculpture! Yet, a family can comfortably reside here!


Past and Present Fusion

This single-family home is amazingly eccentric. We could think that the square-shaped roofing was added to match the enlargement at the back. Its rustic and modern mix certainly catches the eye.


Angles in The Spotlight

When passing by this property it is impossible not to be intrigued: what does the interior of this house look like with everything at an angle? The architect who created it also added rectangular structures so as to form a building that is both contemporary and warm.


Building Blocks

This property was certainly inspired by children’s building blocks! Its width is so small that we can’t help but wonder how it is furnished inside. We can also notice that it has almost has as many windows as coatings. And what about its incongruous, seemingly decorative roof?

What do you think of these unique properties? Belgium’s real estate architecture can sometimes be astounding!