Which Property Should You Choose?

Sometimes, buyers are faced with a difficult decision. They have already crossed out a large number of properties on their list, but two or three are still remaining. Now for the final elimination round. Which property will it be? Need some advice?

  • Ask your real estate broker. If your home search process was rather long, your savvy broker was able to identify your needs and personality because he or she has gotten to know you.
  • You would be willing to live with some constraints. Others, not at all! They would make your everyday life miserable. Learn to recognize them. Be honest with yourself.

  • You may fall in love with a property. It is called love at first sight. However, that feeling can sometimes be misleading. Do not overlook other properties just because you fell in love with this one. Put it on top of your list and take the time to weigh the pros and cons. If you are still in love with the property after this exercise, odds are, this home is meant for you.
  • Always bear in mind that you can renovate a home inside and out, but you cannot change the neighbours, the street, the area or the surroundings. You will have to live with those factors for many years to come.
  • Do not get hung up on the resale potential of every property on your list. It is an important advantage, but it is also secondary. The most important thing is living in a home that you love and that fits your needs.
  • Does drinking a cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon while admiring an enchanting setting give you the biggest boost of energy? Whatever brings you energy and pleasure is priceless. This point will help you eliminate properties efficiently.
  • If you value a specific craze, estimate its cost because fads always come with a price. Then, you will know if you can afford it. If what you crave adds value to the home, you are one lucky person.
  • If you can, eliminate any issues that can cause friction between you and your partner. We are referring here to major concessions that one of you would have to make. For example, your partner hates doing renovation work, yet you have your heart set on a home that requires much improvement. And, you are not willing to pay for the renovations. Very bad idea!
  • If you feel like taking the Eco-friendly path, the property in which PVC is the primary building material may displease you soon enough.
  • If you have children, how old will they be three or five years from now? Their needs will change over time. Choosing the right home means choosing the home that will best suit the needs of every family member.