Visiting a Home Using Virtual Reality: Everything You Need To Know About This Type of Technology!

There are many advantages to virtual real estate tours; especially during a pandemic! Although this new type of technology is not of common use in Quebec yet, it is slowly but surely gaining popularity.

Via Capitale is also a pioneer in the use of this tool for virtual property visits across the province. This type of technology is as useful for brokers as it is for buyers and sellers.


How Does It Work?

Virtual reality allows you to visit a property without leaving your home thanks to a headset and state-of-the-art technology. The techniques used are similar to those used in the video game industry. It is highly successful in providing an immersive experience. To achieve this, an intricate process must be respected. An expert technician must collect all the data on site — including visual equipment — which will be used to recreate the property in 3D.

Is It True to Reality?

The quality and realism of the images generated are spectacular. Visitors truly feel like they are there: They can notice imperfections on the walls or the quality of materials used. They can walk around and open each door to see all the rooms, even what’s on the other side of a window.

However, realism has a limit. Visitors cannot touch surfaces, feel the floor under their feet, smell odors or hear ambient noises. For many people, a subsequent in-person visit is needed.


The Many Benefits

There are many advantages to virtual real estate tours:

Time Saving: Visitors do not need to travel to various desired properties. As for the seller, it’s also a time saver: they don’t need to prepare their house thoroughly every time someone wants to visit it!

Practical When Buying Abroad: Virtual reality makes it easier to acquire properties on another in remote locations. Future owners can have a better idea of a property without needing to travel.

Increased Efficiency: This technology allows people to visit multiple properties at once. They can then choose the properties that interest them the most in order to visit them physically.

The Possibility of Visualizing Your Own Decor: Some 3D visualization companies offer the integration of customers’ furniture and accessories into the chosen property. This allows them to immediately see if the layout is right for them.

A plus for the environment: Less travel by brokers and visitors means less greenhouse gas emissions. Every action counts!

Despite all the benefits of the virtual world, face-to-face visits are still the preferred way to find out if we really like a home. What do you think of this type of technology?