Top Design Trends of 2022 (And Those on the Decline)

The pandemic has completely turned our lifestyles upside down. This has had an undeniable effect on design trends.

For the next year, we will see some “pandemic” design elements take up more and more space in our homes, while other “pre-pandemic” designs will have to bow out.


More Of These…

  • Natural elements are here to In all rooms of the house, materials, and fabrics such as granite, marble, ceramic, jute, wicker, wood, linen, or cotton can be found. They are highlighted with touches of gilding with the addition of taps, cabinet handles, light fixtures, or gold decorative elements, for example.
  • Light-colored floors are still a safe bet for 2022. We like their warm appearance and the fact that they camouflage dust.
  • As for furniture, comfortable minimalism takes the win. sofas and ottomans are round in Tables are round or oval, even the backs of chairs and stools follow this trend. To help save your budget and the environment, you can find good quality furniture second-hand.


Time to Say Goodbye to These…

  • All-white kitchens have been the trend for many years, but now it’s over. When spending so much time at home, we now prefer much warmer spaces.
  • Open areas are generally very popular. But with the need to convert our homes into a place that combines both daily life and working from home, sometimes for several family members at once, this type of space is no longer as functional as it used to However, there is no need to add walls to close off rooms. Glass divisions, screens or even furniture like bookcases can be used to separate the different functions of a room.
  • We’ve seen enough industrial decor! It is now time for minimalism and sleek bohemianism. Both chic and soothing, these types of interiors are places where you want to spend lots of time.

In sum, interior design trends of 2022 will reflect our desire to make our homes enjoyable to live in, rather than focusing on their overall appearance. What good is a trendy sofa if it is uncomfortable? Why want airy and uncluttered spaces if you don’t feel welcomed? Happy redecorating!