Tips For Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes At Home

With its cozy yard, your house has everything you need to enjoy the nice weather. The problem is when it gets invaded by mosquitoes (which can even get inside your home)! So how can you keep them away and avoid this problem?

Wrapping yourself in a mosquito net is not the ideal solution (especially since it would not be very stylish) and wearing long-sleeved clothes is certainly not an option during the warm season! Try these tips instead:


Get Rid of Water Accumulation

Did you know that mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water? Even small quantities of it! Go around your flower beds, flowerpots, hollow toys and garden furniture in search of accumulated water. Use a sponge to get rid of it every morning and a few hours after the rain.

Burn Essential Oils

Some scents attract flying insects, while others repel them. This is the case with geranium or lemongrass essential oils. For best results, use an essential oil diffuser. Bonus: Your home and yard will smell great!

Use Aromatic Mosquito-Repellent Plants

Placing basil, lemongrass, geranium or lemon balm plants on your outdoor dining table or windowsills will repel mosquitoes since they hate their smell. Apparently, planting cloves in a lemon is also a trick that works. And it’s all natural!


Use An Insect Repellent That Really Works

Not all mosquito repellent cream and spray products are effective. Choose a DEET or icaridin-based product that will truly repel mosquitoes! As a second choice, choose an insect repellent made with lemon eucalyptus or soybean oil. Lemon eucalyptus is also called “lemon eucalyptus oil” or “p-menthane 3,8-diol”; And it should not be confused with products that contain eucalyptus oil and lemon oil. Another tip: do not use mosquito repellent that also acts as sunscreen since both are not to be applied at the same frequency.

Try Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents

There are devices that emit ultrasounds with the aim of scaring away mosquitoes. They are both environmentally friendly and easy to find. Some consumers swear by them, while others consider them ineffective. Take the test and see for yourself.

In any case, this summer, do not let mosquitoes interfere with your quality of life!