Sell or rent your house?

It happens to a lot of us. A death, change jobs, fall in love, financial problems coming or, on the contrary, the sudden desire to make money fast. In other words, there are a lot of reasons for finding yourself at a crossroads where you have to decide if you want to sell your house or rent it.

Renting comes with a whole new set of responsibilities: finding good tenants, making sure that the house is in order, responding to emergencies, assimilating the new tax calculations. It’s not for everyone.

Selling is much easier, but may not pay as much in the long term. Much less. And if you’re nearing retirement, you have to take the time to think about it, because people are living much longer today. You need more money if you want to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle.


While surfing the Internet, we came across an article by Marie Lambert-Chan of La Presse. The story was instructive: a woman falls in love and decides to go live with her lover. What does she do with her little bungalow in Verdun? Sell it or rent it? She has a mortgage to pay and a mortgage line of credit of several thousand dollars.

Renting it would be practical because she could go back to the bungalow if things don’t work out with her lover. Also, she would probably receive a lot of calls because the bungalow is five minutes walking distance from many services and two metro entrances. The temptation to rent the bungalow is strong.

The journalist describes the woman’s financial situation and submits it to a financial analyst who, after going over the owner’s budget, makes her decision. In terms of arguments, he presents two different scenarios which he came up with: sell or rent.

Everything is clearly explained, with the numbers to back it up. And it’s very convincing.