Nine Tips for Arranging a Small Yard

Are you hoping to incorporate different areas into your yard, but lacking space? You might be amazed by what can be done!

Not many of us have a big yard where different areas can be easily arranged. But with a little imagination, you can do great things, even in a small yard.


Proper Planning

It’s important to plan things out to make sure there’s enough space to include everything you want in your yard. Do you want an outside fireplace? A garden? A dining area? A spa or a mini pool? Draw out a scale plan to make sure it will all fit into your yard without looking crowded.

Space to Easily Move Around

Make sure there is enough room to be able to move easily between each area. Otherwise, your yard will look smaller than it actually is, and you’ll want to avoid that at all costs! Anyhow, no one likes to have to squeeze through and bump into furniture, so make sure to plan well to avoid this type of situation.

Proper Outdoor Furniture

Furniture with multiple uses, such as retractable or modular furniture, is on trend these days. For example, a bench that can be used both at meal time and to sit by the fire would be a great idea to help save space.

Use Light Colors

Light colors reflect the light. But that’s not all: they make spaces appear larger! It is always a good idea to choose soft shades for outdoor furniture. Do you love dark colors? Incorporate them sparingly as an accent color.

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Use High Storage

Use vertical surfaces such as walls, fences and partitions instead of floor space to increase storage space. Baskets and shelves are essential to maximize space.

Use Roofs

Use the shed roof, bike shelter roof or gazebo roof to build a small garden. It can even be used as storage space; the result could be surprising and aesthetically pleasing.

Fleeing Chaos

A cluttered, untidy or poorly maintained yard will create visual disorder. It will give the impression of being even smaller than it actually is. To avoid this, it is best to keep it clean.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Well-thought-out lighting allows some areas to stand out and others to be camouflaged. You can even make the yard look deeper or wider. Dare to use hanging lights, place discreet light bulbs in your flowerbeds or opt for wall lamps.

Delineate Areas for Specific Uses

Would you like your yard to look bigger? Use ceramic flooring or rugs to delineate areas such as the fire area, the dining area or the garden. Delineating and defining spaces will create an enlarging effect.

These tips will surely help you design a functional yard where you will enjoy spending time alone or with your loved ones.