Laser cutting and glass bricks


You should let a professional do the laser cutting of a glass surface. However, an excellent handyperson can do it, as long as they’re careful.

Here is some general advice.

  • Wear protective gloves and glasses.
  • Laser cutting a glass surface requires a great deal of accuracy. The process must be done in a single cut, under steady pressure. It’s best to make a few dry runs before doing the final job.
  • Practice with the laser cutter so that you can handle it skillfully. The owner of the tool or merchant will tell you how to hold it properly. You could even look at a video on YouTube.
  • First you have to moisten the tools (glass cutter or shaping tool) with oil.
  • Place a cloth or other material between the table and the glass surface to cut.
  • Draw a straight line along a ruler using a felt pen, soak the traced line with oil and break the line with a slight tap of the finger or joint.
  • For a circular line, use a spinner with suction cups equipped with a shaping tool that acts as a compass. The technique requires a great deal of accuracy.
  • Once the line is broken, rub it with a silicon carbide abrasive moistened with oil along the line.
  • While we’re at it, if you have to drill a glass surface using an electric drill, place a material around the area to be drilled and make sure it’s firmly attached, as the bit tends to slip.

A glazier friend, an employee in a construction material centre or a paperback handyman’s guide from the local library (there are many) will help you. If not, take a look on YouTube.


Do you plan to erect a wall of glass brick, also called paving stones? Unlike frosted glass, these bricks have the advantage of reducing noise while filtering the light. However, keep in mind that the where there’s bricks, there’s a lot of weight, making for a heavy wall. So make sure it has the proper support.

Also keep in mind that, like any type of brick, you will have masonry work to do: mortar, frame, joint. If you opt for panels, you will have less work.