Kitchen: Horizontal horizons

What do you think of the look of these cabinets? The pairing of two tones gives a modern, minimalist look to the kitchen. Here, white is paired with a dark wood-tone, but wood cabinets next to black are stunning too. Melamine with stainless steel also creates a big impact.

Cuisine Horizon Armoires ISTOCKPHOTO decoration
source: iStockphoto

Did you notice the many drawers in the lower cabinets? The European trend toward horizontal lines is increasingly popular in Quebec. There are more drawers for storage, whether as cabinets or inside a pantry. This increases storage and provides access to the drawer’s contents at a single glance. No more looking for a plastic container lid in a low cabinet. Your back and your knees will thank you!  

Horizontal cabinets can be used everywhere or for select spaces. You can choose to keep vertical doors for upper cabinets and drawers for lower ones, like in the photo. If you go for a horizontal look for the top, there are doors that give the impression that there are two horizontal doors when really there’s only one, which can be folded up. They give easy access to a cabinet’s contents. Moreover, it’s easy to unfold them when they’re raised.

Door and drawer handles, applied crosswise, reinforce the horizontal look. A ceramic backsplash can also work in the same sense. In a rectangular form, it contributes to the whole by giving the feeling of height. The tiles can be a single colour or stand out through a colour accent inserted in a straight line within a more neutral colour. With the impression of space that your kitchen gives off, you may be more inclined to pass from the horizontal lines of your bedroom to those of your kitchen!


Photo : iStockphoto LP

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