The Importance of The Neighbourhood & Knowing How to Make a Choice

If the characteristics of a property are essential when it comes to looking for the house of your dreams, do not forget to analyze the neighborhood in which it is located. It could be an incentive, or a discouragement, for signing with the notary.

How do you know if a neighbourhood will please you and your family? Here are some ideas to help you figure it out.


Do You Prefer Action or Tranquility?

Or a mixture of both? Different neighborhoods each have their own atmosphere. It can be very warm, with little ones playing together in the street while the adults chat and invite each other over for a drink, etc. It can also be very family-friendly, with children running around all over the place! Neighbourhoods with older people will bring upon peace and tranquility. It’s up to you to decide what you are looking for.

Do You Prefer to Be Close to Your Work and Your Family?

Does proximity to places you visit often, such as the office, friends or family members matter to you? This is often a determining factor since it can be frustrating to waste time traveling. However, with the possibilities of teleworking, buying a property further away from your points of interest may become an option.

Do You Prefer Greenery or Asphalt?

Some neighbourhoods do not have plants, trees, or shrubs, and instead have lots of concrete and asphalt. They are no longer common, but they still exist! These will be warmer in summer due to heat islands. However, new neighbourhoods have small trees that are not yet developed, but they will grow large in just a few years.

What Services Are Nearby?

How far from home are important services such as a grocery store, pharmacy, bus stop or school? Are there restaurants, small cafes, and other types of entertainment to brighten up your days and evenings off? Walk around the neighborhood to check all the points that seem essential to you.


Are There Unpleasant Noises or Smells?

A neighbourhood can fall victim to a nearby business that creates disturbing smells and sounds. This could be a dump, a bus station, a small airport, etc. Be sure to ask your Via Capitale broker questions about this so that they can find out for you or search the web.

Prepare A List of Criteria

Have you prepared a list of must-have criteria before you start shopping for properties? For example, the number of rooms, the presence of a garage or the fact that it has a renovated bathroom. You should do the same for the neighborhood!

The best way to find out if a neighbourhood is truly right for you is to talk to the neighbors, search the web, or visit a few times at different times of the day. You will then be able to get a good idea of the neighborhood’s atmosphere and discover its advantages and disadvantages.