Green landscaping: Alternatives for a More Natural Yard

Thanks to its partnership with Écohabitation, Via Capitale can better inform its clients and brokers on on how to improve the ecological footprint of homes and its inhabitants, starting with its outdoor spaces. Although we may not often think about it, maintaining our yards during the few weeks of summer can cause significant waste of resources, time, and energy, as well as have a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystems. The good news is that there are many alternatives to enjoying your home, while living in harmony with plants and species around you. These solutions will also reduce time spent on maintenance, providing you with more time to actually enjoy it!

Drinking Water Does Not Flow Endlessly

First and foremost, it’s important that we evaluate our seasonal habits. Are we using our drinking water wisely? It’s not always essential to use clean, drinking water for hobbies or outdoor work.


Instead, replace drinking water with rainwater. When filtered, it can be reused for gardening, for example. All you will need is a sloping flow system that can collect water, as well as a filtration system.

Every year, Quebec receives an average of 80,000 liters of rainwater[1]. Remember, during heavy  downpours, water flows onto our soil and is immediately lost to the sewers. Why not preserve this water by using retention ponds and reuse it for your garden? Cottage toilets, powered by a well, can also use rainwater for an economic and ecological solution.

The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

Many of us love our green lawns, and to achieve this, use countless amounts of water, in addition to chemical treatments that pollute the groundwater. Consider this alternative: replace  conventional lawn by different plants such as clover, thyme and various creeping plants or succulents. No more chemical fertilizers, pesticides and wasted drinking water! By using ground covers, we can improve the quality of our soil every year, attract bees, repel pests and, last but not least, save time with maintenance.


Ecological Pools: Bid Farewell to Chlorine and Chemicals

What could be better than having a body of natural water in your own back yard to enjoy nature to the fullest! Ecological pools or swimming ponds will become increasingly popular throughout Quebec within the next few years. This type of pool consists of a hole dug into the ground, filled with water, and surrounded by different plants that can be used as natural filtration. Don’t be surprised to find small aquatic species in this type of pool, as they will work to purify it on a daily basis!

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