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Eco-Gestures for Eco-Friendly Behavior

To improve your quality of life, it is important to adopt eco-friendly behavior. There are steps and easy solutions to apply on a daily basis. Here is a list of ways you can reduce your ecological footprint:

Save Energy

To save energy year-round, adopt energy-saving eco-gestures:

  • Choose wood, gas or solar heating and maintain a temperature between 16°C and 22°C
  • Turn off the appliances and lights as you leave each room,
  • Insulate your home properly: double-glazed windows, exterior and interior walls,
  • Opt for low-energy light bulbs and enjoy natural light,
  • Fill your washing machine completely with every load and choose low-temperature washes,
  • In the kitchen; put lids on your pots and turn off baking sheets after use.

Save Water

Even though Quebec has one of the largest freshwater resources on the planet, there is no need to waste it. Be sure to:

indoor plant

  • Avoid letting the water run and turn off the taps after each use,
  • Check the condition of the faucet and flush out water leaks,
  • Opt for showers instead of baths; they are three times more economical,
  • Install flow limiters on shower heads and faucets,
  • Water the plants moderately and keep rainwater for the garden,
  • Drink tap water, which is excellent for the health,
  • Keep plants, they act as humidifiers.

Sort Household Products

Most commercially purchased household products pollute the air, are toxic and can lead to allergies. Here’s what you can do:

  • Opt for natural products such as white vinegar or black soap,
  • Buy eco-friendly products,
  • Avoid chemicals and pesticides,
  • Dilute your laundry, soap and shampoo products,
  • Dose your cleaning products sparingly,
  • Make your own products using natural elements,
  • Avoid all aerosols.

Reduce Waste

The goal for 2040 is 30% less waste! This goal is far from being sufficient for Greenpeace, but we still need to go through with it and make better decisions in our household. To do this, here is a list of eco-gestures to be carried out:

Bac compostage

  • Selectively sort your garbage, clothes, batteries…
  • Recycle your organic waste in the garden, if possible,
  • Avoid using plastic bags,
  • Avoid over-packaging,
  • Don’t throw anything into nature,
  • Recycle paper.

Manage Your Diet

Dietary gestures are also important. You can:

  • Reduce your meat intake and opt for a legume-type alternative diet,
  • Buy organic as much as possible,
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables,
  • Choose local products; imported fruits consume 10 to 20 times more gas,
  • Choose eco-friendly products,
  • Avoid packaging or opt for biodegradable ones,
  • Shop at local shops.


In order to fight global warming and protect our health, choose sustainable transportation:

  • Carpool,
  • Walk to destinations that are less than 2 km away,
  • Travel by bike or scooter,
  • Drive gently, this will allow you to keep your car longer.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to respect the environment. All you need to do is carry out eco-gestures every day!