Decluttering your Home in 6 Simple Steps

Are many rooms in your house only used to store belongings? Are you on the verge of moving and thinking about disposing of unused items, but do not know where to start? Or worse, is the clutter in your home preventing you from working efficiently?

Discover 6 steps that will help you start decluttering your home, inspired by the KonMari method. Follow these tips to find a productive living space, thanks to the efficient method popularized by the famous Japanese personality Marie Kondo.

Wardrobe storage system. Clean up clothes with konmari method (Marie Kondo)

1- Get Involved

To achieve your goal, you must first apply yourself and put all your soul into it. The KonMari method is a new way of looking at things. It is important to understand this new mentality so as not to end up with the same clutter in the following months. The process starts with commitment: invest yourself in tidying up and follow through.

2- Visualization

It is important that you to take a moment to imagine your ideal living space. To achieve this, you can always get some inspiration from pictures, which will help you visualize what you will need to get rid of or organize. Pinterest can also help with ideas.

3- Sort First, Then Get Rid of It!

Before you start anything, you will need to sort through your belongings and get rid of what you no longer need. Putting away from sight items you no longer need only postpones the problem.

4- Set Goals: One Room at a Time

Everyone knows that a goal without a deadline is much more likely not to be achieved. Set goals! Declutter one room per weekend, for example. You will be able to put an end date to your decluttering, which will be much more motivating.

5- Make Categories of Objects and Stick with It

After sorting your items, it’s important to store them by category, not by room. Here are the 5 categories, in order:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Komono, which includes small items such as kitchen utensils, toys, electronic items, personal care products, decorative items, etc.
  • Sentimental items

Start with your clothes! Put them together and get rid of your 4th winter coat that hasn’t been worn since high school. Then, take on the other categories.

Woman cleaning shoes closet, while quarantined at home, Quebec, canada

6- Selection Criteria

Do you really need 32 pairs of shoes? Or old night tables that have not been used for several years? It is important to ask yourself a few questions when it comes to sorting through objects, such as: Do I really need this? Do I use this object? Will I use it in the near future? Remember that every object you own should bring you joy and happiness. Yes, yes, you heard right.

To learn more about this method, Netflix has unveiled an 8-episode series called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Throughout each episode, the famous consultant accompanies different clients by providing sound advice.

Take a deep breath, then start decluttering!