Confinement: What Are the Solutions for Isolating Yourself at Home?

How Do You Isolate Yourself While Being Confined to Your Home?

It is not easy to find yourself at home with the entire family overnight. Between working from home, unemployment, health and the children, tension can rise high if we are not careful. However, there are solutions to this forced confinement, including communicating, sharing tasks, and also isolating yourself several times a day to take the time to breathe and recharge. Even if you don’t live in a large home, there is always a window, a corner under the stairs or a space on the balcony you can use to separate yourself from others. Here are some solutions to help you adapt to this confinement period!

Isolate Yourself by A Window

Aside from enjoying the sun’s rays, the advantage of being by a window is the feeling of being outdoors. This natural light will allow you to read, work, knit, or just daydream. You will not need to spend any money; all it takes is a little ingenuity. If you are lucky enough to have a ledge, just place a few cushions and settle there with a good book. To use this space for work or arts and crafts, install a wooden plank, two brackets and a comfortable chair. If you are going to work by a large bay window, adding a simple armchair will do.

fenetre avec coussins

Use A Wall Angle to Isolate Yourself

When available, dining room, living room or bedroom corners can be very clever and comfortable areas. You can use an armchair for reading, of you can use the table to work at your computer, to enjoy a cup of tea or to work on arts and crafts. Turn this corner into a comfortable work or relaxation area. With a few boards, you can easily make a desk or a bench. This way, this new area will allow you to stay separate from others for an hour or two.

Isolate Yourself Under the Stairs

There is nothing simpler than using the stairs to create a quiet corner. Use two wooden boxes and a piece of wood to create a desk and hang a curtain for total isolation. You can put a mattress and a few cushions on the floor to create a small intimate corner to read or rest. Add a coffee table to have an area for your book, mug or other accessories. You can even put the camping tent under the stairs. It would be a great way to entertain the children or to have your own isolated area.

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Balcony and Garden Isolation

You hadn’t planned to buy or take out the garden furniture yet? Don’t worry. Just use furniture from the living room to enjoy the fresh air outside. Take out an armchair or a beanbag. The idea is to make the area comfortable, safe and to be away from the rest of the members of the household. Add a simple stool as a table and some decorative objects, such as a painting or a plant; it’s important for you to feel comfortable in this space. Add light fixtures if you want to stay there in the evening. In the garden, place pallets and mattresses. Get creative with recycled materials.

Whether it be inside or outside, you can always find a small area to isolate yourself from others for a while!