Concrete that fools the eyes

Beton-Marque-Imprime_ISTOCKPHOTO_renovationWith the advent of spring comes several tradeshows where exhibitors offer to have us discover the latest home renovation trends and materials. It was during one of these shows that we discovered printed or imprinted concrete.

This technique results in a decorative concrete by imitating brick, stone, wood, rock and other materials on any new concrete surface (access path, around a pool, patio, walkway or parking lot).

This technique can also be sued to restore a concrete slab by adding a certain thickness of new concrete (cover).

Google image shows results worthy of great artists. My favourites: the imitation of wide rustic wood planks or irregular stones of old roads. We could call it “concrete that fools the eyes.”

Here is a brief overview of the product’s placement.

Initially, the new concrete is perfectly normal. After the first step to smooth the concrete, a coloured hardener is spread across the entire desired surface, followed by another smoothing, and so on for the second colour. This gives the concrete a uniform colour. This hardener absorbs the bleed water (surface water during smoothing). The next step is to imprint the concrete.

Seasoned handymen or those who know about concrete can do this artist work on their own. You can use a section to create your own Hollywood Boulevard. Imagine the prints of loved ones immortalized in the centre of a star. Romantics could engrave a thought, an adage, a saying or a quotation such as Clint Eastwood’s “You made my day.” Nature lovers may prefer to create fossils with shells and leaves.

Hollywod_blvd_Clint_Eastwood_WIKIPEDIA_renovationHowever, given the material’s longevity, you might want to have the work done by professionals. There’s a big difference between a kitchen floor, a driveway in front of the house, a big backyard patio and a small path on the side of the house. It’s your choice.

Thanks to a wide choice of concrete moulds and a wide range of colours, printed or imprinted concrete fits perfectly in the environment in which it is used.


Photos: iStockphoto LP and Clint Eastwood signature photo from FC Georgio, Wikipedia Creative Commons in the French Hollywood Boulevard article.