Boho Decor: How to Incorporate It Within Your Home and Yard

The Boho trend transpires by mixing soothing natural elements and motley objects filled with personality. In fact, Boho is made for creating a space that matches your image. This type of decor will particularly appeal to you if you are not a fan of minimalism and polished atmospheres. It is also perfect for the interior and exterior of the house!

In fact, the Boho trend can be lots of fun! It is neither aggressive nor suffocating, but rather an amalgam of different materials, imbued with harmony. Read on to learn about our tips for achieving Boho decor.

White sink on wood counter with a round mirror hanging above it. Bathroom interior.

To achieve the perfect Boho decor, be sure to add:

Plants: Plants are essential to this trend, especially if you hang them in knitted planters.

Jute: Oversized jute light fixtures or chairs with jute seats and backrests are vital.

Macramé: It makes a beautiful wall decoration!

Wood: Large, aged boards will help create a relaxed Boho atmosphere.

Rugs: The perfect way to add a touch of color. Feel free to layer a jute carpet under a colored rug, for example.

Modern Mid-Century Style: When it comes to furniture, you won’t go wrong in choosing modern mid-century style pieces, inspired by the 50s. This style is so trendy that you’ll easily find replicas or even original pieces sold online or at antique shops.

Eclectic objects: Now is the time to display your travel memories and other interesting ethnic objects, such as white veiling as partitions for the pergola or a Moroccan ottoman.

Stylish outdoor relax area with garden furniture and comfortable pouf, real photo

To achieve the perfect Boho decor, you should eliminate:

Intense Colors: Choose neutral and bright colors such as white and beige. This also applies to your plants: choose plants that do not produce colored flowers. The Boho style can still be achieved by adding colored carpets, cushions, or works of art, but keep most of the tones sober and light.

Furniture Sets: The goal is to show your personality and to avoid having your living room look like a big box store. Favor second-hand shops and mix styles, colors, and fabrics for your furniture.

Perfection: The Boho trend exudes life. Sofas that are a little worn out (but not damaged), aged floors, furniture and retro decorative objects fit perfectly into this trend. Also, avoid placing all the elements symmetrically: impeccable cushions with middle folds are prohibited!

Macrame. Women's hobby. The girl makes a canvas of threads

With these tips, you will certainly achieve a unique Boho decor that reflects your personality. If you need ideas, you can find plenty of inspiration online!