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A LEED Certified House, an Unattainable Dream?

We often hear about LEED certification held by homes built with respect for the environment. For many, obtaining this certification seems difficult, even inaccessible. And yet!

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It is true that the criteria are numerous and that owners sometimes need to be resourceful to meet the requirements and find the ecological materials required. But it’s a perfectly achievable dream! Do you hope to one day live in such a house? Here are six criteria that will help you obtain this valuable certificate.


Orienting Windows Towards the South

Because the sun is a clean and renewable source of energy, it makes sense to use it to temper your home. For example, placing windows so that they capture heat from the rays — facing south — makes the property more energy efficient. The installation of solar panels is also recommended, but the photovoltaic system is currently very expensive.


Manage Construction Waste

Whether you’re building a home or renovating it, it’s important to think about the waste that’s being generated. What will become of it? How do you prevent it from polluting or end up in the dump? Waste management, including recycling and reuse, is considered by LEED certification evaluators.


Have a Well-Thought-Out Plant Arrangement

Man planting tree outdoors in springHomeowners that want their homes to be qualified as LEED must not have gardens containing invasive exotic plants. Little is known about this phenomenon, but non-native species found in foreign territory can harm the ecosystem and remove useful insects. For the good of the planet, it is an excellent idea to include plants that attract pollinating insects.


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Protect the House in Case of Water Damage

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Water is one of the main causes of structure degradation. Even in small amounts, water damage rots building materials over time. In order to preserve them, an eco-friendly house must have a drain under the washing machine. When it comes to showers and baths, these should be surrounded by fibro-cement panels to avoid the risks associated with moisture.


Opt for Responsibly Sourced Wood

Wood is an environmentally friendly material because it is renewable, recyclable and sustainable. On the other hand, its origin can make it more or less environmentally friendly. Some companies do not have adequate forestry practices. So, we must turn to those who make the effort. Otherwise, certification could slip through your fingers.


Have Optimal Air Quality

Air filtration systems on a LEED-certified property must be highly efficient. Air quality is an important evaluation criterion. In fact, each floor must have its own CO2 control system in order to monitor air quality.

Many other criteria are required to obtain this certification. On the other hand, more and more business entrepreneurs and individuals are taking on the challenge of building homes that are low in energy and have less impact on the planet. What do you think of LEED certification?

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