A Diversified Mortgage Loan. It’s possible at National Bank!


The concept of diversification is a crucial element to consider when investing. It is rooted in the very principle that investors should avoid putting all their eggs in one basket.


But why should the notion of diversification remain limited to investing? Why not adapt it to mortgages, the largest debt each of us will probably acquire in our lifetime?


To meet the needs and preferences of its clientele, National Bank offers the Made-to-Measure mortgage[1]. This solution allows you to divide your loan amount among several layers, depending on your profile, your financial goals, as well as your financing needs and preferences.

A combination of products

With the Made-to-Measure mortgage, you can now divide your mortgage loan into any number of layers, each with its own rate, term, payment frequency and amortization period. Combine various types of mortgage financing to arrive at a solution that truly fits your needs:

  • Fixed rate: Provides stability of payments. Interest rates may fluctuate, but your rate remains the same throughout the term.
  • Variable rate: When interest rates fall, variable-rate mortgages generate interest savings.
  • All-In-OneTM1: A flexible and innovative solution. A variable-rate line of credit that allows you to access your repaid capital at any time, and manage all your financing needs via a single solution.


A solution that adjusts to your needs

Thanks to the power of debt layering, National Bank’s Made-to-Measure mortgage adapts to your current and future obligations. You can therefore consolidate all your debts, while continuing to monitor each of your projects separately. When your needs change, you can renew one of your loan’s layers on different terms… without having to renegotiate the entire mortgage loan!



Diversify your debt like you do your investments

By diversifying your investments, you increase their stability and, as a result, reduce your overall risk level. You can now apply the strategy of diversification to your debts! By structuring your mortgage loan into separate layers with different rates and terms, you can manage your debts in function of your needs.


Combine fixed and variable rates

With the Made-to-Measure mortgage, you no longer have to choose between stable payment plans and interest savings. You can combine fixed and variable rates…and get the best of both worlds!


Spread out your mortgage terms

By spreading out your terms with the Made-to-Measure mortgage, you can protect yourself from future increases, while saving on interest with short-term rates.


Get repayment flexibility

With the Made-to-Measure mortgage, a portion of your loan can be assigned to the All-In-OneTM line of credit. You can therefore decide how much of this loan you wish to pay back (applicable interest and insurance premiums are however required monthly) to allow you to calibrate your payments with your cash inflows.


As you can see, there are many combinations possible to create a mortgage solution that will fit your needs! Contact your Mortgage Development Manager for advice tailored to your situation.



TM1 National Bank All-In-One is a trademark of National Bank of Canada



[1] Subject to credit approval by National Bank.