6 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

For many, it would be a dream come true to hire someone to take care of household chores. But that does not always fit into our budgets.

To keep a house tidy at all times (or almost) without too much effort, you will need to stick to a routine and increase your willpower. The goal is to avoid spending a full day cleaning. To achieve this, you will need to clean a little every day. Do you want to keep a clean home? These 6 tips will definitely help you!


Start By Decluttering

The less you own, the less you need to store and clean, which is logical! Decluttering is a cyclical task. Don’t be discouraged if you went through everything in your house using the Marie Kondo method last year. It’s a good exercise to repeat annually. Wardrobes, garages, and sheds are just as important to declutter as the miscellaneous kitchen drawer and the basket of beauty products in the bathroom. Start with one room at a time!

Keep Your Belongings Where You Use Them

You play board games in the living room, but store them in the basement? You like to read in bed, but your bookshelf is on the main floor? Find a way to keep items where they are used. You can even store them in lovely chests. This way, you will not be tempted to leave them lying around since their designated storage space will be nearby.

Never Leave a Floor – Or a Room – Empty-Handed

Items often get scattered all around the house as we use them. Make it a habit to pick up these items and store them in their place when you go to another room, even if that’s not the reason for your trip. By cleaning up one thing at a time, you tidy your home without realizing it.


Do More Laundry

Counterintuitive? Maybe. But by doing one load of laundry per day, you will avoid letting this task accumulate to the point where it takes up several hours of your weekend. This will avoid laundry room clutter and overflowing baskets in every room.

Take 10 More Seconds or 10 More Steps

The most important advice we can give you is to make sure you put things in their place as soon as you’re done using them. The same applies to cleaning up messes. You splashed the mirror while brushing your teeth? Don’t wait until the next big bathroom cleaning to get to it. Similarly, file your papers immediately after completing your accounting tasks: it will take you 10 seconds and you won’t be leaving them on the kitchen table for 10 months! If you do this, your house will never be messy.

Tackle the Kitchen Every Night

The kitchen is undoubtedly very often the dirtiest room in the house. Every evening, be sure to wash the dishes, countertops, oven, and range hood. Also, be sure to pass the broom and empty the trash can. Avoid neglecting this room where messes accumulate quickly so you don’t get discouraged.

By implementing these 6 tricks, you should be able to keep a much cleaner and tidier house.