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6 Reasons for Buying a Single-Storey House

While the trend has long been cottage-style two-storey homes, many new homeowners are now opting for houses without stairs, where everything is on the same level.

These types of properties have several positive aspects! Here are 4 advantages of choosing a single-storey house.


Possible Savings

Single-storey houses are often cheaper to build and to purchase, and daily use is usually less expensive as well. This is due to the fact that they are easier to build (no stairs or scaffolding to set up!), but also because they are easier to heat or cool. Once you live in a single-storey home, you will notice that your electricity bills will be much lower than in a 2-storey house! Bonus: They are more ecological.

However, the price of land can be an economic disadvantage due to its size (single-storey houses require larger plots of land than cottage-style homes).

Increased Security

Everyone can go about their business more easily and safely in single-storey homes: children, grandparents and even people with reduced mobility. This makes moving around easier, more inclusive, and user-friendly; and getting from one place to another is less exhausting.

Simplified Maintenance

Because everything is on the same floor, the maintenance of single-storey houses is easier. For example, you won’t need to carry clothes up to the bedrooms and down the stairs to the laundry room on laundry day. Also, you will only have one floor to clean, and you won’t need to use a ladder to clean the windows in the spring.

Easy Outdoor Access

Imagine going out into the garden as soon as you wake up thanks to a door in your bedroom that leads right outside. If you install large windows, you can even feel like you’re outside all the time, anywhere in the house, whether you’re showering or cooking. Building a deck around your home or a large patio could also be an interesting idea!


Increased Privacy

Even with very high hedges, privacy is limited in neighborhoods with cottage-style houses. From the second floor, your neighbors can see you enjoying your yard, which can be uncomfortable! You will therefore have more natural privacy with a single-level property.

Multiple Construction Options

Because they are less visible from a distance, single-storey homes are often subject to fewer architectural constraints than two-storey houses. If you have it built from A to Z, you can, for example, choose the roof of your liking, whether flat, sloping or cut.

Of course, two-storey houses also have several advantages! What type of property do you prefer?