6 Inspirational Ideas to Transform Your Shed

Are you one of the lucky unfortunate ones who have too much outdoor storage? If you don’t use your shed to store your belongings, you might be tempted to use it in a different way.

Here are some ideas – some easy, some requiring a little more work – but all very inspiring!


1- A Playhouse for Children

With a little imagination, the shed can become a castle, a small house, a pirate ship, or anything else you dream of! Let your children’s ideas and wishes guide you!

2- A Guest Room

A small reclusive hideout from the main house can be interesting for guests who crave privacy. To make the room comfortable and usable throughout the year, it will need to be insulated and have waterproof windows.

3- A Pool Pavilion

If the shed is located near your pool, you can install a shower, a toilet, and a vanity in order to have a designated space for swimsuit changes and pressing urges while swimming.

4- A Rest Area

Furnishing the interior of the shed to benefit from an additional relaxation area is an idea that can appeal to large families. For this type of arrangement, remove the doors of the shed to enlarge the opening to the yard. Add patio furniture, such as a sectional sofa and a coffee table. It can be a beautiful place to quietly enjoy your summer reading!


5- Extra Space for Meals

If you love entertaining and eating al fresco, adding a second dining area outside can be helpful. The roof will help protect guests from light rain. As with the rest area, you could remove the doors to make it more open to the outdoors. Don’t forget the extra lighting, it will provide your eating area with a festive, friendly, or romantic atmosphere, depending on your chosen theme.

6- A Gym and/or Studio

Working out outside the house can be a lot more tempting, especially if you work from home and spend most of your time there. In this case, all you need to do is install your athletic equipment in your shed and convert it to a gym!

If you plan to use your new gym year-round, make sure you insulate it properly and make it accessible, even in the snow. Otherwise, you risk leaving your motivation in your warm house! You can also place mirrors along a wall and use the space as a yoga or dance studio, depending on the interests of the members of your household.

We hope to have helped you see your shed in a different light!