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5 Green Tips for a Healthy Lawn This Summer

Are you wishing for a beautiful lawn, but not at the expense of the environment? It is actually possible! You can achieve this without needing to resort to harsh chemicals.

It is not uncommon for suburban homeowners to appreciate green and weed-free lawns. But it takes work! Here are our 5 tips to help you maintain your lawn ecologically.


Making Use of Grass Residue

Cut pieces of grass are precious! Choose a shredding lawn mower or remove the bin that collects the cut grass so that the mowed grass stays on the lawn.  You can also sweep up dead leaves from the asphalt and put them on the lawn. They will decompose and serve as fertilizer, providing essential nutrients.

Proper Fertilization

The use of fertilizer is also essential. Be sure to follow the instructions in order to correctly apply your chosen ecological fertilizer. Don’t put too much! Also, make sure you fertilize when your lawn is in its growth phase.

Make sure there is no rain in the forecast for the next 24 hours and if so, wait before spreading the fertilizer. This will prevent it from seeping into the groundwater.  To spread it, use a mechanical spreader with a side deflector so that the products stay on your lawn and are not washed away.

Adequate Watering

Only water your lawn when it’s really necessary. And don’t panic if the grass is yellow.  When it gets very hot and the air is dry for a short time, the lawn will adapt. Its health and appearance won’t be immediately affected. Therefore, it is useless to water excessively.

Mowing at The Right Length

Keep in mind that a strong lawn is one that is long enough to shade the ground and prevent weeds from growing. Therefore, it must be cut to the proper length, around 7 cm. A lawn that is cut at the right length also allows for better water absorption.

A Grass Barrier to Protect Waterways

If you live near a river, lake or stream, don’t mow the area between the lawn and the water where the vegetation will be much higher than the grass and where you will not apply fertilizer or any other product. It will help protect the waterway.


Proud Dandelions in May

Have you noticed that several towns encourage people not to mow their lawn in May, in order to allow bees to pollinate? This gesture has no impact on the condition of the lawn, but still deserves to be highlighted. If you care about ecology, follow suit!

As you can see, having a beautiful lawn while respecting the environment is not rocket science and you can maintain an ecological lawn without breaking your head. Let’s get mowing!