4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Cottage

After a year of confinement, it can be tempting to purchase a property to call your own and be able to get away when you feel trapped in your house or apartment in the city. However, it is also important to respect your budget and your desires!

Here are four important questions to ask before making this important purchase. Falling head over heels with a property unfortunately doesn’t prevent us from disappointments.


Are You Happy with Its Location?

It would be a good idea to visit the cottage as often as possible to see if you enjoy the drive. Ideally, it should be located less than a 2-hour drive from your home, unless driving several hours is something that doesn’t bother you. Then, determine your preferences: do you absolutely want a waterfront, or do you prefer a large, secluded plot in the forest? Would you prefer a country house on the mountainside with a breathtaking view? Your search criteria may not be as specific as these examples, but you should still keep in mind your preferences while searching.

New Build or Purchase?

What does your intuition tell you? Are you leaning towards an existing property with character or a new build? If it is already built, the move will be quick. However, don’t forget to have it inspected by a professional. Some old cottages do not meet today’s standards. If this happens to be the case with the cottage you’ve chosen, make sure that it is priced accordingly. As for new constructions, keep in mind that the price of materials has increased in recent months and plan your budget.

Does It Suit Your Level of Comfort?

What are you looking for in a cottage? Luxury in the forest or wildlife? Before even beginning to look at your options, determine what type of second home you would like. In doing so, before even visiting potential cottages, you will be able to check if they have drinking water throughout the year, hot water, access to high-speed internet and cellular reception. Also, be sure to determine if you only want to go there in the summertime or if the nearby, snowy mountains that are perfect for downhill skiing, are motivating you to start this new project. If you don’t plan to enjoy it during winter, choose a 3-season cottage instead, which will generally be less expensive.


Contact a Real Estate

You can definitely benefit from doing business with a real estate broker, especially for a cottage, since you may know less about the different regions than they do. This professional will help you determine if the property you have in mind is a good investment. They will also be aware of the properties for sale in the area and their value. They are your best ally!

Buying a second home in the country is not only an investment, but also an addition to your quality of life. If your budget allows for it, it’s definitely a great idea.