A flood of silver in four walls

Household silver doesn’t go out of style. Centuries pass and it never loses its elegance. And if silver is spread throughout the room, the entire décor is filled with reflections and glimmerings. You allow yourself to be taken away by a wave of ease and comfort.

There was a time when castles around the world contained silver furniture. The furniture would be melted when cash was short. Silver in a residence was an undeniable sign of richness. And that hasn’t changed.

You usually find the classic pieces of silver in your dining room: utensils, napkin rings, mustard pot, sugar bowl, salt and pepper shakers, cheese plate, spice box, casserole dish, and creamer.

However, many accessories can be scattered around all rooms to create a river of silver: candy dish, jewellery box, tea box, fruit basket, candleholder, lamp, flowerpot, coffeepot, knickknack, blotter, inkwell, small storage case, flower stand, cookie jar, sugar bowl, water jug, wine jar, beer stein, shaker, dessert plate, dinner service, phials and flasks, chandeliers and shades.

To highlight the silver effect while adding an overall feeling of mellowness, think of magnificent silver wallpaper, silver draperies, curtains (with tassels and tiebacks) or a velour bed covering, and a white veil in the window that the breeze will blow during nice summer days.


In terms of colour, white and silver are still as intimate. For more tone, royal colours like violet and burgundy will do the job. Black is also welcome.

Chandelier, candelabra and silver have been blending together for a long time. The trio gives the impression of magnificence that doesn’t wane. Finely-worked silver bowls, a mirror with a finely-worked silver frame and a shiny ceiling light play an identical role.


You find silver too cold? To dismiss this impression of frost, look for accessories that combine wood and silver. Here’s one idea: a kettle in a wood case. That’s not new. A section of brown wall or carefully selected wallpaper will wall reduce the cold a tad while maintaining the elegance.

You’re right. Not everyone can afford to buy silver accessories. But you can always turn to its derivatives, or pewter or stainless steel to have a river of silver flowing inside your walls.

Changing the handles of your white refrigerator and stove for brushed stainless steel results in a chic and modern look.


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