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Guide : Find your air conditioner!

This year, you’ve decided to purchase an air-cooling system for your home: There is no way you are going to melt again like last summer! But there are so many options that you may be confused.

There are numerous devices that can allow you to be comfortable during the summer heat: Heat pumps, wall-mounted, central or portable air conditioners. Below is a guide to help you make an informed choice.

Window and Portable Air Conditioners

The easier, but less aesthetic solution, is the window air conditioner. There are numerous types of different strengths that exist. They are usually very efficient and can cool down one to two rooms without a problem. The disadvantage is that this type of air conditioner must be removed in the winter. Portable air conditioners (those on wheels) are equipped with a hose that must be connected outside to remove heat. This type of system rarely manages to cool the air of an entire room: it is not as efficient and surprisingly more expensive than the window type. In both cases, look for a minimum strength of 12,000 BTU.



Wall-mounted, Central and Heat Pump Air Conditioners

For a system that stays in place all year round and will refresh the entire house, people often turn to wall-mounted or central air conditioners. In the case of a wall-mounted air conditioner, the system is installed in a strategic location of the house to cool down all the rooms. In the case of central air conditioners, the cooled air will instead pass through the ventilation ducts of a pulsed air system. Both of these options are highly effective! A word of advice: Avoid promotions at attractive prices that offer only a one-year guarantee. As for the heat pump, its only extra feature compared to the wall-mounted or central air conditioner is that it can also be used to heat the property in winter thanks to its reversible valve. Note that its lifespan is often shorter, and it requires more maintenance.



Are There Environmentally Friendly Options?

Unfortunately, air conditioning units require a lot of energy, which is not environmentally friendly per se. On the other hand, there are tricks! For example, installing the outdoor unit away from the sun will help the machine use less energy. Also, some air conditioners have the ENERGY STAR logo, as they meet Quebec energy standards, i.e. a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of at least 14. This figure can even ideally go up to 21, which makes it even greener. Another sensible choice? A device that recovers heat. Finally, it is possible to cool down buildings ecologically thanks to green walls.



How Much Should You Plan to Invest?

In the world of air conditioners, prices vary enormously. The terms of the warranty, the quality of the materials and the strength of the air conditioner all influence the price. The most economical will be the air conditioner that fits into a window. You can purchase a brand new one for less than $250. A portable system will cost approximately $1,000. For heat pumps as well as wall-mounted or central systems, the cost ranges between $4,000 and $9,000. The installation sometimes requires additional costs.

Useful Information

The level of noise that an air conditioner emits can also be a selection criterion, especially if you have sensitive ears! And to save money, it’s best to shop in the fall or winter. As a precaution, if you are dealing with an installer, it is always a good thing to check your qualifications with building authorities.

We hoping to have steered you towards the perfect choice for your needs!

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