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Go from tenant to owner: 5 good reasons to convince you to take the leap

By becoming an owner, you will surely save money in the long run, but above all, you will have this satisfying feeling of living in a place that you can finally call « your own »… Here are some other reasons that will persuade you!

Being a Home-Owner: A Long-Term Paying Investment

Seeing as it is safer than the stock market, real estate is an excellent investment! A first reason to take the step to owning a property. With the purchase of a property, you build your capital and save in the long run. No more rent increases! Your mortgage refunds are fixed and only interest rates can make your payments fluctuate. You want to move? Use the sale of your property to make the purchase of your new home. If your budget allows for it, why not buy a duplex or a triplex?

Being a Home-Owner: A Sense of Freedom

If you choose to buy a condo unit or a house, you can do what you want with it! This space belongs to you; you choose the decoration, you can do what you please with the rooms. You can even knock down a wall (just beware that it is not a load-bearing wall!). This freedom allows you to decide on the type of heating you want, if you wish to add some electrical outlets or simply install Walk-in closets in every room. Become an owner and you will no longer have to account to anyone!

Being a Home-Owner: A Sense of Security

Because buying a property is an investment, it provides a true sense of security for the future, retirement in particular. Being a home-owner gives you the opportunity to deal economically with the hazards of life (for example, the possibility of refunding your mortgage loan). 

Being a Home-Owner: Saving Money

Stop throwing money out the window and own a property instead! The investment of purchasing real estate allows you to create a capital at your own pace and make savings every month. The end result: at the end of the month, you own a house or condo unit and you no longer have to pay rent. In most cases, your property has gained value. The latter increases with the years and offers you tax advantages. Of course, if necessary, this provision can be kept as a definite savings!

Being a Home-Owner: Leaving a Legacy

Are you buying a property? It will surely give you a sense of pride to create an opportunity for you to connect with future generations and to provide them with memories in the family home. Your home can bring together your children and grandchildren, and then be able to leave it to your offspring later on in life. It’s a way to create a life filled with projects and a bright future.

Becoming a home-owner is a dream, but also a guarantee of success and safety for the future. It’s time to take the leap!