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Services guarantee

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, several actions can be taken to complete your real estate transaction: Via Capitale brokers are committed to giving you a written guarantee of services describing all the steps that they will take for you. This guarantee is the brokers’ commitment to serve you to the best of their knowledge and experience in the real estate market and buyer-seller relations.

Here are a few examples of the many services offered by your Via Capitale broker:

For the seller:

  • Striking Via Capitale sign in full view in front of your property
  • Large-scale advertising campaign: newspapers, TV, advertising cards, web, etc.
  • Organization of an open house and preselection of buyers.

For the buyer:

  • Preselection of properties available on the market.
  • Housing of your personal file on ViaCapitaleSells.com.
  • Assistance of a mortgage advisor.
  • Visit selected properties with your Via Capitale broker.

Buyer or seller, you’re in good hands with a Via Capitale broker.