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Mortgage financing

Need financing? Purchasing – refinancing your mortgage

Don’t waste your time making the rounds of the banks, credit unions or trust companies in search of the best mortgage.

Each year, Via Capitale brokers are the source for loans worth several hundred million dollars: that’s a lot of negotiating power that a Via Capitale broker can have you profit from by referring you to a mortgage advisor who can offer you the best loan for you.

Thanks to a special agreement with Via Capitale, our partner financial institutions offer our buyers personalized services, including:

  • Guaranteed interest rate
  • Reimbursement of interest
  • Preauthorized loan amount
  • Evaluation fees: amount determined by the Financial Institution
  • Eligibility for seasonal promotions
  • etc.

Our partner financial institutions

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IN ADDITION, when you obtain your mortgage from an advisor with a Via Capitale partner institution and you buy your property with a Via Capitale broker, you obtain fee mortgage protection that covers your mortgage payments.

Specially designed for the buyer, mortgage protection is the best protection on the real estate market. In case of loss of employment or accidental death, Via Capitale agrees to make mortgage payments (principal and interest) to a maximum of $25,000, without requiring any reimbursement! Even monthly condominium fees are covered! Mortgage protection covers up to 12 months from the signature date of the notarized deed. *

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* Certain conditions apply.