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Buying and selling with Via Capitale

Give yourself the best chance to complete a profitable transaction by calling on the help of a Via Capitale real estate broker to take charge of all the steps in buying or selling a property and to help you negotiate the best possible conditions.

And the protections program offered by the Via Capitale broker is a tool that reassures all parties in a transaction, both buyers and sellers.

To purchase your home

Your broker will provide you with sound advice on the aspects of a real estate transaction that you are less familiar with, but which are part of their daily work: research, visits, offers to purchase, negotiations, notarization, HBP plan, etc.

The reassuring Protections that participating Via Capitale brokers offer free of charge to buyers are significant benefits: Homebuyer protection , Mortgage protection and Legal assistance.

At Via Capitale, we are constantly negotiating offers with certain suppliers to reduce a buyer’s burden. This program provides discounts on moving and installation products services.

Before jumping into a transaction, read the offers on the market: protections, discounts, etc. Since the services of a real estate broker are paid by the seller, it’s in your best interests to seek a broker’s help when it comes to buying a property.

To sell your property

Increase your chances of selling rapidly and at the best price with a Via Capitale broker

You’re thinking about selling your property and you wonder if it would be more profitable to do everything on your own or resort to the services of a broker.

A real estate broker is an informed guide for all of the steps that you won’t know how to complete by yourself: assessing the fair market value of your property, listing your property on the Canadian real estate board site, advertising, organizing an open house, qualifying buyers, negotiating a purchase offer and conditions of sales, seller’s obligations, etc.

According to the National Association of Realtors, individuals who sell their own property will make less money than if they entrusted the sale to a broker who can attract more qualified buyers than an inexperienced owner.

Do you want to know the market value of your property?

For a rental property

Because Via Capitale brokers are real estate transaction specialists, they are constantly on the lookout for properties on the market. They can help you discover properties for rent that are not announced publicly. Talk to the people in the agency of the sector that interests you.