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Via Capitale Estrie

Via Capitale Estrie

Real Estate Agency

Éric Allard
Éric Allard
Agency Director
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About Us

You want to buy or sell a property and enjoy at the same time, reassuring protections on the property and the mortgage?
You have found the right real estate banner.

The VIA CAPITALE team offers you:
- The mortgage Protection covering the reimbursement of mortgage payments in the event of job loss or death
- The home Protection covering appliances, electricity, heating and plumbing (participating brokers)
- More competent brokers thanks to many improvement courses and a QSC certification
- Exclusive mortgage offers with reputable financial institutions
- A widely publicized Internet website and an increased visibility due to an agreement with Micasa.ca, Quebec’s real estate web reference

You want more ? Call us now, our service offer deserves to be heard!

Agency Broker

  • Éric Allard

    Éric Allard

  • Vicky Armstrong

    Vicky Armstrong

  • Dany Béliveau

    Dany Béliveau

  • Michael Boutin

    Michael Boutin

  • Manon Côté

    Manon Côté

  • Joey Cyr

    Joey Cyr

  • Fanny De Lafontaine

    Fanny De Lafontaine

  • Ricky Dionne

    Ricky Dionne

  • Guillaume Fontaine

    Guillaume Fontaine

  • Marilyne Glaude

    Marilyne Glaude

  • Caroline Glaude

    Caroline Glaude

  • Dominic Glaude

    Dominic Glaude

  • Jonathan Grandmont

    Jonathan Grandmont

  • Geneviève Grandmont

    Geneviève Grandmont

  • André Joseph

    André Joseph

  • Bernard Laforest

    Bernard Laforest

  • Sophie Levasseur

    Sophie Levasseur

  • Yann Lyonnais-Délisle

    Yann Lyonnais-Délisle

  • Rachel Massé

    Rachel Massé

  • Guy Michaud

    Guy Michaud

  • Minh-Tu Nguyen

    Minh-Tu Nguyen

  • Michael Owen

    Michael Owen

  • Gabriel Pépin

    Gabriel Pépin

  • Yves Robert

    Yves Robert

  • Jacob Saey Williamson

    Jacob Saey Williamson

  • Jean Saspiturry

    Jean Saspiturry

  • Danny Thériault

    Danny Thériault

  • Gilles Thiboutot

    Gilles Thiboutot

  • David Vachon

    David Vachon

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Properties for Sale

  • Novelty
    609 900 $

    1 + 1
    1 512pi²
  • Novelty
    259 900 $

    1 + 1
    1 397.1pi²
  • Novelty

    1 715pi²
  • Novelty
    124 500 $
    Two or more storey

  • Novelty
    549 000 $ + GST/QST
    Commercial building/Office


Cities Covered

Asbestos, Ascot Corner, Audet, Austin, Ayer's Cliff, Barnston-Ouest, Béthanie, Bolton-Est, Bonsecours, Brompton (Sherbrooke)...