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Via Capitale RD

Via Capitale RD

Real Estate Agency

Pierre Georges Dufanal
Pierre Georges Dufanal
Agency Director
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Visite nuestro sitio Web www.viacapitaleRD.com para ver nuestras entradas en Espanol.

We're a new agency with dynamic brokers. Most of them are lawyers who know the real estate area well and we have all the tools that are necessary to serve our customers well. In our office, we speak French, English and Spanish. We are ready to serve the quebecers, the canadians and the world.

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  • Herling Calixte Dorvil

    Herling Calixte Dorvil

  • Lise Charles-Pierre

    Lise Charles-Pierre

  • Stéphane Dominique Domond

    Stéphane Dominique Domond

  • Patricia Dorival

    Patricia Dorival

  • Pierre Georges Dufanal

    Pierre Georges Dufanal

  • Angel-Ilka Laporte

    Angel-Ilka Laporte

  • Laurie Luma

    Laurie Luma

  • Roby Occean

    Roby Occean

  • Sasha Radlein

    Sasha Radlein

  • Patrick Charles Radlein

    Patrick Charles Radlein

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Altamira, Arenoso, Azua de Compostela, Baitoa, Bajos de Haina, Baní, Bánica, Bayaguana, Boca Chica, Bohechío...