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Pros and Cons of Heated Flooring

Heated flooring has gained popularity due to its ability to increase comfort in the home. It creates a pleasant sensation under the feet and distributes heat evenly.

But this product does have its disadvantages. Before you make this purchase, it’s best you learn all about them. Lucky for you, we have all the information you will need to make an informed choice!

Neater Rooms

By installing heated flooring, you can say goodbye to heaters. It is only when we remove these attractive objects that we realize that they limit us in our layouts. For example, all furniture can now be placed against the walls, adding space to rooms.

May Dry Out Feet

Some homeowners who constantly walk barefoot through the house may be inconvenienced by a feeling of drier feet.

Possible Temperature Adjustment Problem

Some people complain that their heated flooring often stops working when a second heat source is in the same space, such as a fireplace, because the central thermostat indicates that the room is warm enough.

Convenient for Drying Clothes

Many use this heated surface to spread wet hats and mittens on in the winter. Heated flooring allows you to dry these clothing items in record time!

Not Suitable for Hardwood

Ceramics and natural stones are perfect flooring for this type of heating because of their good thermal conductivity. But it is also possible to install it under vinyl. Laminates and engineered wood may also be suitable. On the other hand, hardwood cannot accommodate a heated floor due to its fragility, which can burden those who swear by this type of flooring.


One of the interesting features of this product is undoubtedly the fact that it generates less dirt and dust than other heating systems, such as heaters. This is a big advantage, especially for people with allergies or asthma.

It Cannot Be Renovated

Are you fed up of your damaged floor? We have bad news; if you remove it, the heating system cannot be reused to accommodate new flooring.

Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Not necessarily. If you change your wood heating system to heated flooring, the environmental benefits will be undeniable. On the other hand, if you already use hydroelectricity, which is already green energy, it will have little impact on your ecological footprint.

In addition to the pros and cons, a heated floor is quite expensive. We are talking about $12,000 to cover an area of 2500 square feet. Also, labour costs are approximately $1,500. In any case, be aware that this purchase will be profitable for the resale of your property since heated flooring is an added value. This product is always popular with buyers.

Happy planning!