The Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Broker

Spring is on our doorstep. For many of you, it’s the final race to buy that first home. In fact, why not make your last-minute rush a little less stressful by calling a real estate broker. It comes with a long list of advantages. Here are the major ones.

If time is of the essence, the real estate broker will be more than welcome. Not only will the real estate professional deal with the bulk of the work, but he or she will also work at a fast pace without skipping any steps.

First buyers usually have two common concerns: a possible budget overrun and buying a home with latent defects, which would implicate unforeseen renovation work and maybe even legal complications. Again, the real estate broker is there to assist first buyers and give them the proper advice to minimize those risks.

The real estate broker also helps first buyers to better manage their stress and avoid a ton of pitfalls, such as hasty decisions causing devastating consequences, poor knowledge of the laws and regulations or a lack of communication with the coveted house’s current owner.

Buying a first home means filling out a bunch of documents that you will need to understand, such as the promise to purchase form, the certificate of location, the deed of sale, etc. For a first buyer, making sense out of them can be overwhelming. Plus, managing paperwork is not given to everyone. If the buyer has the duty and the responsibility to review all of these documents, he or she had better ask the help of a real estate broker for guidance and counselling.

As we all know, first buyers are eager to get their hands on all sorts of information and it is natural. However, they can waste a lot of time searching everywhere and anywhere. The real estate broker has gained much experience throughout the years and he or she can be of guidance to prevent first buyers from wasting time and money.

Mortgage rules can be difficult to grasp for first buyers. The real estate broker has what it takes to help them understand.

Setting the offering price for a first home is not an easy task for a first buyer with little experience. The real estate broker serves as an advisor.

You are a first buyer and you absolutely want a house in a specific neighbourhood?

Of course, the Internet provides a ton of information, but did you think about knocking at a real estate broker’s door? In some instances, the real estate professional is one step ahead and probably knows about houses that will shortly go on sale in a specific area.


Often times, first buyers would rather not call a real estate broker, afraid of choosing someone that will not suit their needs. However, it is possible to view any real estate broker’s professional record. All you have to do is consult the website of the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) and type the name of the real estate broker in question. From there, you can see his or her professional background and view a summary of the training completed within the past years. Plus, first buyers need to know that all real estate brokers have completed the continuous training program provided by the OACIQ.

Please note: the real estate broker is a professional working for the first buyer. He or she does not make decisions for anyone. The real estate broker can make suggestions, but the first buyer is the one making the decisions.