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Thinking About Buying a Condo: Think Twice!

It seems that everyone is buying a condo these days. This way of living has never been so popular. Perhaps you are thinking about buying one? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start your research.

Be as honest as possible with yourself and know the specific reason why you are considering to buy a condo. Are you looking for fewer responsibilities? Are you feeling a little lonely living in a single home and would rather live a collective life in a condo? Are you growing a little weaker as the years go by? Have you reached a moment in your life where you would prefer facing the unexpected in a team rather than alone or as a couple? Is it more cost-effective for you to sell your home and buy a condo instead? As a tenant, would you rather own a financial asset as quickly as possible? The more precise and candid the answers to these questions are, the more fruitful and short-lived your research will be. That is if ever you actually decide to make the move. Continue reading

“What, I need a permit for that?!”

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The homeowner just wanted to remove a wall between the kitchen and the dining room. She discusses it with her brother, who asks her if she requested a permit from the city. “What, I need a permit for that?!” she spouts.

She can’t believe it. Even for a wall? Like many people, she never would’ve thought that minor renovation work often requires a permit.

Always remember: most cities in Quebec require a renovation permit. Of course there are exceptions, but they’re rare. Therefore, the first step before undertaking any work is to consult the municipality to find out if a permit is necessary. Continue reading