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An Eco-Friendly Basement

Even the basement does not escape the concept of a sustainable house. If you are planning to remodel the lower floor and are concerned about the future of the planet, here are a few guidelines you should follow, according to Écohabitation experts.

This would be the perfect time to check for radon. We have been hearing more and more about this carcinogenic gas. You can find the detection device in a large shopping centre or a hardware store. If the level is high, Écohabitiion recommends a system designed to evacuate the gas.

Insulating the water heater and plumbing pipes will considerably reduce your energy bills.


Opt for synthetic (recycled) gypsum for the walls and ceilings instead of the natural one. It is more ecological. Continue reading


Installing Moldings

You’re on a tight budget and changing your home decor is not a possibility right now. Did you think about molding? It’s cheap, easy to install and it can transform the entire appearance of a room. Here are a few tips.

  • There is a variety of decorative moldings out there, not to mention various types of wood. Take the time to research: ask vendors, search the Internet or look through books at your local library.
  • To install baseboard molding, take the time to find all the studs behind the wall and mark them as you please. That’s where you’ll nail the baseboard and the moldings will fit snugly together.
  • Do you have to remove old molding? With a flat tool, pry the molding away from the wall by sliding the tool between the stud and the molding.
  • Identify the areas where the floor is uneven before you install the moldings to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way.

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Colour Trends for 2017

If you browse through the websites of paint manufacturers, you will quickly notice that violet will be the trending colour in 2017. Shades of blue and grey are not that far behind. Here are the results of our exploration.

Bétonel found its inspiration in the universe and in outer space. Its featured colour: Starry Sky in the shades of violet, which could complement any room. Night blue and grey are also trending colours. And since not everyone embraces violet, Bétonel offers a solution: integrating violet accessories into the home.


Since we are living in an environmentally friendly era, Bétonel also proposes a colour palette that brings nature inside the home.

Sico features a blue-grey violet colour called Mozart Violet. According to the manufacturer, this colour has all it takes to give a luxurious feel to a living room or create a soothing atmosphere in a bedroom.


As for the home office, Sico suggests a whole range of colours: Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Furtive Mauve, Greyish Blue, Citrus Yellow, Sockeye Salmon, Zen Green, Pale Purple and Beach Taupe.

Benjamin Moore features the colour Shadow, the master of ambiance: a violet colour with intense blueish tones that gives a very rich and royal feel to a room. As cited on their website: “Indulge your mysterious side. Let Shadow set the mood”.

BEHR has categorized its colours of the year in three trending palettes: comfortable, composed and confident. Each palette it suited to a personal style. Shades of blue, purple and grey are the common denominator. BEHR describes their colours as trendsetters.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Most paint manufacturers display videos on their websites. Check them out, if only to see the colours dance before your eyes.

In addition, many manufacturers propose very daring colour pairings. No lack of imagination nor fantasy there. The names are just as dreamy as always: Smoke Turquoise, Cedar Shadow, Red Candy, Geisha’s Cheeks, New Moon, Stormy Monday, Diva Glam, Flickering Flame and many others.


Pictures are for illustration purposes only: iStock.com


For your children’s health

We’re not trying to scare you or turn you into an environmental fanatic. Although many of the following recommendations are based on scientific evidence, others are just assumptions. The assumptions are serious, but they’re based on probabilities. The thing to keep in mind is to do your best according to your budget.

Children are in contact with their bedroom floor quite often, so the choice of floor covering is crucial. It’s best not to use vinyl-based covering because it contains PVC, an irritant that can cause allergies. It’s may also cause cancer. If you really want to use it, make sure you ventilate your children’s room as often as possible.

A haven for mites, traditional carpeting is to be avoided. If not, choose carpets with natural fibres. Wool is known for its resistance and durability, two essential qualities given how rough children can be.

Cork is the almost perfect covering. It prevents noise from the bedroom from spreading to the ground floor and doesn’t contain any toxic substances. Natural latex is used as a glue. Some leave it unchanged, while others apply a coat of paint or a biological varnish.  Continue reading

Provoke the arrival of spring!

We often hear that you have to enjoy the moment. But given the ice-cold winter that has lasted since December—until February 13 at least—it’s really tempting just to close your eyes and imagine the soft spring sun shining down. Especially if you’re feeling down.

iStockphoto LP

The best remedy according to many health experts: action! We start looking for something to brighten up our day. In our houses, we change the décor to give it a spring air.

Spring evokes many images and comforts: snowdrop, daffodil, tender green shoots, buds, soft heat, and murmur of melting snow brooks. In his poem Spring Victor Hugo said: “It seems like everything is laughing, and that the green trees are happy to be together and recite verses…”

To deal with this endless winter, find out what brings a smile to your face and makes you and your loved ones happy.

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