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The living room of tomorrow

From stripping the African hut, the cradle of humanity, we have , we have switched to decorative abundance throughout the centuries. In 2015, we have the impression of going back to square one as we progress toward the world of tomorrow. We are stripping things down again. The living room is no exception.

Living room decor will be marked by simplicity, but without austerity. In fact, tomorrow’s living room will have more of a lounge atmosphere. And God knows how much the lounge style can burst with beauty and freshness!

[caption id="attachment_12577" align="aligncenter" width="580"]iStockphoto iStockphoto[/caption]

Screens on the walls, futuristic furniture, projectors and recessed lighting, tomorrow’s living room will go from the contemporary style to a more dazzling style. Everything will be designed, from the bookshelves to the staircase.[……]

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Lights in a glass staircase

Glass is often used in decoration: vases, knickknacks, lamps and stained glass windows. We often use it to erect a low wall in a bathroom to separate the toilet from other sanitary fixtures.

However, glass isn’t used very often as the base material for staircases. But if you look at the photo, you can see that it has quite an impressive effect.

[caption id="attachment_617" align="aligncenter" width="504"]decoration_octobre_2013 Thinkglass[/caption]

Wikipedia reminds us that glass is a very solid material. Primarily made of sand, of which there is a virtually inexhaustible supply, it’s ecological, especially since it doesn’t need a sealant. Its rot-proof and inflammable, which makes it very long-lasting.

And talk about durability! Glass panels measuring one and a half to four inches used in stairs are stronger than stone or granite. The thicker the glass, the stronger it is. Since glass isn’t porous, it’s easy to maintain.[……]

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Deck the halls and lawns and eavestroughs

Halloween is behind you. You stored the scary decorations and are planning your happy holiday selection.

Now it’s time to choose the decorating style that you’d like to install outside your home—whether you live in a house, a rental, an apartment, a condo or a cottage. All homes look good illuminated with Christmas lights.

Most people like to use strands of lights because they’re easy to put up. It’s useful to know that according to Statistics Canada, LED bulbs are 90% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. What’s more, light emitting diode lights reduce the risk of fire, are more resistant and last up to ten times longer.


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