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Recently a friend claimed absolute freedom for his cat. He didn’t know that many municipalities don’t allow cats to roam free and ask owners to keep their pets in their yard or on a leash or they could be fined. Or worse says my friend, they could risk finding their cat at the Humane Society. Dead or alive. Another friend explained to him that not everyone likes the odour of cats. Your freedom doesn’t end where your neighbour’s begins. There’s nothing to do. Man cannot deprive his cat the pleasure of hunting and roaming.

There may be a solution: creating an indoor playground for the cat.

A European site, Goldtatze, offers a full line of products that blend very well with a rustic, chic or contemporary decor.

Bridges made of horizontal strips attached to levels or baskets mounted on the wall around the room. They go above doors and windows, toward the hanging bed in the centre of the ceiling or the branch wrapped in string sitting in the corner. All of the wood is rounded in curves, making it quite pleasant to look at.

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We know a father who had the bright idea of introducing his two sons to the stock market. The kids’ ages? About 12. Oh, that’s so young, you think! But the father knew exactly what he was doing.

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The two sons were paperboys for years. The father said: “Give me part of your savings, and I’ll explain the selection criteria for companies. We’ll make choices together. If you make a profit, you keep it. If you lose money, I’ll reimburse you.” The two sons had made a tidy sum of money by the time their dad told us the story. And that doesn’t include the priceless knowledge that they acquired.

Can we teach children that young about how mortgages work? Yes, says author Gail Vaz-Oxlade, although the ideal age is around 14. As soon as a child shows an interest in owning a property in the future is the time to take action. Make the learning process like a game: You become the lender and your child becomes the future owner. [……]

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