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The basement now serves the same purpose as the living room. Often times, spending time in the basement is even more pleasurable. So, neglecting it is no longer an option. Today, we can find little gems and a lot of imagination on the lower floor.

In many homes, the basement is so well designed that it has become the most popular room of the household. The arrival of the home theatre has a lot to do with this. Hence, the importance of improving the appearance of the space to make it more enjoyable and useful at the same time. You can choose a more conventional decor or go for an unconventional style.

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Usually, the very essence of the basement is joining two or more rooms together without any partition wall. For example, you could combine a recreation room with a kitchenette or a bar, a bar with a wine cellar, a lounge area with a fitness room or bedroom. If this concept suits you, you can always install the same decorative flooring throughout the basement. This will make the space look larger and feel bigger.[……]

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Halloween is behind you. You stored the scary decorations and are planning your happy holiday selection.

Now it’s time to choose the decorating style that you’d like to install outside your home—whether you live in a house, a rental, an apartment, a condo or a cottage. All homes look good illuminated with Christmas lights.

Most people like to use strands of lights because they’re easy to put up. It’s useful to know that according to Statistics Canada, LED bulbs are 90% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. What’s more, light emitting diode lights reduce the risk of fire, are more resistant and last up to ten times longer.


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