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Not only is aesthetic lighting allowed in the kitchen, but it’s actually prescribed. After all, isn’t this the room where we spend most of our time in? However, as it is primarily a working area where we tend to move around a lot, practical lighting must take precedence.

During the day, nothing beats natural light. If you are thinking of renovating the kitchen, consider putting in some windows. Think of large windows and if possible skylights. You will notice lower energy bills, which are quite considerable.

Featured somewhere: small rectangular windows between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets, or a sliding window as a backsplash. Brilliant![……]

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Using concrete as a decorative element or simple insulator requires knowledge, precision and unlimited patience. It’s often better to rely on the support of a professional. But if you prefer to do it yourself for your own pleasure, you’re going to be spoiled.

Here’s a bit of advice.[……]

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Today, kitchen countertops come in several finishes that meet the requirements of all decors and all budgets. Whether you opt for moulded, wood, concrete, quartz or natural stone countertops, all of these finishes have advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the steps to follow if you opt for a ceramic countertop. Make sure that you have a suitable surface, preferably a plywood panel at least three-quarters of an inch thick. The panel must be firmly attached to the cabinet to reduce any risk of movement at the base of the ceramic. Take the time to place ceramic tiles various ways. If you have a counter with one or more corners, start your pattern in the corners. This will enable you to find the pattern that suits you. [……]

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