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Creative humor in the bathroom

Summer is the season of every whim. Buy why reserve these whims exclusively for the kitchen, the dining room or the patio? The bathroom is an ideal place for fantasy.

Let’s start with the furnishings in case you are preparing to redo the bathroom. Designers are overflowing with imagination today. Bathtubs and sinks are taking on unexpected shapes. Add some lighting and the effect becomes mind-blowing.

It’s common to see an old piece of furniture transformed into vanity. But overlapping pink plastic bench, a bright orange pail and a round sink is quite original. The wall is also transformed with a yellow, blue, pink checkerboard panel that protects from splashing. You could choose a faux finish, like on the photo or opt for cyan blue.

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Featuring the Shaker style

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Shaker furniture is a stark and austere interior that is almost off-putting: brown table and chairs, white wall and wood floors, white basin to wash in, a broom leaning against the wall and a lone ball of wool for a patchwork blanket. The only thing missing is a cat to play with the ball of wool.

Yet Shaker craftsmen are recognized as masters of design among our Southern neighbours. Reputable cabinetmakers attempt to recreate works exposed in various museums. Pieces from the period are worth a fortune.

It’s true that compared to contemporary design highlighted by glass and steel, the Shaker style is a poor child. Simple and minimalist, it’s a perfect example of voluntary simplicity. At least that’s our impression. But take a closer look and the impression already seems more fitting. [……]

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Magic lamps

Two new types of lamps are attracting attention through their originality. They get a reaction from everyone and likely raise a smile on some people’s faces. One thing is for certain: they make good conversation starters.

Choosing a light fixture today is discouraging for those who experienced the 70s and 80s. They get the impression that they’ve seen it all before. Desk lamps or plated torchere lamps or lamps signed Stefano Cevoli come to mind. Their pure, long-necked style, which tilt 180° fit very well with today’s décor. You can still find these Italian designer lamps on the Internet. Many store models appear to be nothing but pale imitations. You can get a few surprises if you take the time to search the net a little. Here are the two we discovered: [……]

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