Rock and roll essentials

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Who knows how the objects and ambience of our home will impact our children’s futures? How do we want the people who share our life to remember our home?

We were wondering what kind of decor we would find in the homes of future rockers and rock and rollers.


  • The black leatherette (imitation leather) sofa. It’s low to the ground and resists assaults from rock and roll musicians, singers and dancers.
  • Snack bar stools: round stools covered in read leatherette and pivoting on a metal base. As a child, I used to love spinning on them and I was proud that I could keep my balance on these long-neck mushrooms.
  • Vinyl records. Place them in a corner, in a box or on furniture because they deserve to be seen. They can also be used as a curtain or as a psychological separation in a room. Simply hang them up one after the other with transparent thread. Or suspend records at the end of metallic red, and silver and turquoise ribbons.
  • Musical instruments like the piano, drums, percussion and most of all the electric guitar are the centrepiece. You see them everywhere.
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You can also make a musical trophy by framing an electric guitar behind glass or a vinyl record with a plaque, like real trophies.

A number of rock and roll influenced accessories enhance the ambiance. Lamps with a guitar base. Duvet and cushion covers like the ones found at Clé with the words retro, attitude, rock, music mixed in with speakers, electric guitars, cassettes, stars on a black or sky blue background. Another possible pattern: an electric car in front of the national flag of the United Kingdom (Union Jack). Even though rock and roll comes from the United States, led by Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley, our British cousins also left a mark, with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and many others.

Pink electric guitar
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An arts and craft project for your child: cut out an outline of an electric guitar or your child jumping with a microphone or a guitar in a Masonite board. Then have your child cover it with chalkboard paint in any colour you like and pin it to the wall. Rock and roll colours aren’t limited to black, red, metallic grey and white. Pink, blue and turquoise are also in fashion.

According to my music teacher, the most important thing is to leave musical instruments within reach. He believes that children must play with the sounds before taking lessons. Our neighbour’s son Florentin is just 5. A quiet boy, he literally turns into a rocker when he picks up his mini electric guitar. He adores this instrument, which he places back in its case after each use. Guess what he wants to be?

Thanks to Amélie at Clément Québec.