Reducing your Heating Bill

The time has come! We’ve started (or will shortly start) heating our homes and condos. For many owners, the simple thought of receiving heating bills over the next few months makes them nervous. But there are ways to reduce the costs. Here’s how.

  • The ideal temperature prescribed by Health Canada is 21 degrees Celsius. Heating more is a pure waste of energy. Moreover, it’s not good for your health. Hot air is stifling, causes discomfort and favours the growth of bacteria.
  • A basic measure: clean air filters and air intakes and outlets, and vacuum the warm air system. Maybe the fan requires a quick cleaning as well?
  • Change the air in the radiators. It will be good for them.
  • Do you heat using oil? Check the flame in the burner. If it isn’t bright yellow and it releases smoke, call a specialist.
  • Simple but effective: Always think of opening the curtains in the morning. The sun will heat the interior. When you close them at night, you cut the cold that is trying to get inside.

About 60% of a property’s energy consumption comes from heating. An effort to reduce the cost is already a good start.

The site of the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles du Québec (MERNQ), where we drew most of our information, offers other ways to reduce heating costs: check the state of space heaters and thermostats. Doors and windows should also be checked to ensure that they are firmly closed.

If you are on the verge of changing your heating system, the MERNQ warns you on its website: “Make sure that your contractor does not just replace the existing system by one with the same capacity, because equipment more than 25 years old is generally two times too big. The entrepreneur must therefore evaluate the heating load that your home requires.”

The Ministère recommends comparing the performances of systems by visiting the Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) site.

Écohabitation will also be useful to improve the state of your doors and windows, without changing them, before winter arrives.