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To sell quickly and at the best price, I do all that it is necessary to attract and reassure the buyers. With me, their purchase is covered by free protections; at any time, I am available to explain this program to you.

Of course, my sales work also includes all the basic services such as the preparation of an opinion of the commercial value, the advertisement of your property on important web sites and in various media, the negotiation, etc.

Call me, my competence and my knowledge are at your service !


Date Title CEU/CEUV
2013-01 Formation obligatoire sur les nouveautés et modifications apportés aux formulaires - formation en ligne 4
2010-09 La nouvelle Loi sur le courtage immobilier 6
2008-03 La jurisprudence sur l'obligation de vérification, d'information et de conseil 1.5
2008-03 La jurisprudence sur la rétribution 1.5
2008-01 La jurisprudence sur les clauses types de formulaires 1.5
2007-07 La jurisprudence récente (2007) 1.5
2007-05 Concept Synergi-Ventes
2007-03 Les champs magnétiques 1.5
2006-09 RÉALISER le plan de match d’une carrière réussie 6
2006-09 BÉNÉFICIER de la puissance du Web 6
2006-09 DÉCOUVRIR les PLUS de ma bannière 6
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*CEU: Continuing education units
*CEUV: Continuing education units of Via Capitale

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French, English

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