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A different kind of real estate agent

It’s true. Real estate agents are generally talented salespeople who know how to close deals. I’m more of a buyer who prefers to have fewer clients and spend more time on each one. I take my job seriously and enjoy doing it well, without adding unnecessary pressure.

You may be interested to know that I have a bachelor’s in business administration and over 25 years’ experience as a senior manager in residential manufacturing—primarily doors and windows.

You’re likely more interested in the fact that I’ve always loved digging around for good deals at home and abroad, analyzing them, and negotiating agreements that satisfy everyone involved.

Starting with this experience as a deal hunter, adding my knowledge of the housing market, and considering how much I like working with people, I turned towards real estate with a clearly defined vision of my role. I don’t want to sell houses. I want to help people find homes where they’ll be happy.

For the rest, I’ll be happy to send you my resume.

P.S. The latest cohort of real estate agents—myself included—is trained in the new real estate laws and forms. This is a significant advantage for our clients.

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